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FOX Property Management is updating its website, aiming to establish an easier line of communication with its clients. Using the website you will now be able to access up-to-date statements regarding your common expenses at any time.

Our services include the following:

Our company, FOX Property Management, offers a Common Expenses service aiming to provide residents with a trouble-free, clean and secure residential environment. Our aim is to handle all problems in common areas providing swift solutions and distributing the costs fairly amongst residents/owners.

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Property & Rental Management

FOX Estate Agency also offers Cyprus Property Management services to its clients through its sister company FOX Smart Property Management.

Owners of a single property (or many properties) that earn rental income may decide not to manage it themselves anymore. They may appoint our firm to offer them all relevant services involved in the management of a property (a single house, flat or a whole building, project).

In summary, we list below the most important services owners get:

  • Finding suitable tenants / checking background and references

  • Preparing rental contracts

  • Collecting down-payment and monthly rents

  • Depositing rents in the owner’s bank account

  • Record keeping of the tenants and their rental payments

  • Repairing and maintenance work

  • Payments for all expenses/ taxes that the owner must pay

  • Financial reporting accessible by Internet via password with daily updates

  • Constant communication with owners on all outstanding issues

If you would like to get more detailed information about our professional services contact us at info@foxrealty.com.cy or call us on 22 873 380.

Common areas management for buildings

Residents of Cyprus apartment buildings can use our professional property management services to ensure a clean, safe environment for all and efficient discreet and reasonably priced maintenance works in common areas, including strict adherence to regulations.

FOX Property Management services in Cyprus include the following:

  • Payments of common expenses (for cleaning, elevator maintenance, etc)

  • Preparation of the statement of monthly expenses

  • Collection of monthly common charges from owners / tenants

  • Supervision of cleaning, repairs and maintenance of common areas

  • Observing relevant regulations regarding the obligations of tenants and the administrative committee (6 (Ι) of 1993)

  • Transparent bookkeeping for the building and residents’ right to inspection of the books at any time

  • Comprehensive financial reporting accessible by internet via password with daily updates

  • Presentation of finances to the tenants at the Annual General Meeting of the building

  • Professional management and handling of all delicate matters and independent implementation of committee decisions, eliminating unnecessary friction between residents.

To request more information on our property management services or for any other enquiry relating to this service please call us on 800 800 82 or email us at info@foxrealty.com.cy.

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